Constitutional lawyer argues against Patriot Act

Constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein speaks with Nick Buccola, Assistant Professor of Political Science after his lecture concerning the problems within the Patriot Act for it’s tenth anniversary on Oct. 26 in the Austin Reading Room in Nicholson Library.

The Linfield Review 
October 31, 2011 

Linfield College students learn about the Vietnam War by talking to people who survived it

Patrick Cottrell, political science professor at Linfield College in McMinnville, back on campus with students (from left) Bridget Grant, Morgan Christiansen and William McHenry, after their trip last month to Vietnam. The students gained a more personal grasp of the Vietnam war after interviewing veterans from both sides and visiting the country.

The Oregonian 
February 21, 2011

International Relations student awarded Kemper scholar

Joe Gladow '14 named Kemper scholar 

'Linfield College has been chosen as one of two Pacific Northwest schools to enter the Kemper Scholarship Program, offered to only 16 schools throughout the nation. Joseph Gladow ’14 and Blake Densley ’14 are this year’s recipients.'
May 12, 2011

Can Democrats rebuild?  Yes - if they listen to Toby Keith

Article by Patrick Cottrell, featured in The Christian Science Monitor 

'After the "shellacking" Dem ocrats suffered in the midterm elections, many political consultants urged the party to revamp its communication strategy.'

The Christian Science Monitor 
December 29, 2010 

Poli Sci Department Showcases Fresh Talent

Featuring Political Science Professors Nicholas Buccola and Patrick Cottrell 

'Two Linfield political science professors received faculty awards for their dedication and scholarship.  Three faculty rewards are given out each year to three different professors, usually in different departments, to award those who have proven their dedication to Linfield’s students and fellow staff.  This year, however, two of them went to assistant professors of Political Science Patrick Cottrell and Nicholas Buccola.'

- The Linfield Review  

Educating Citizens of the World

Featuring Political Science Professor Patrick Cottrell and student Nelly Evans  

'Eleanor ’Nelly’ Evans ’12, a German and political science major, discusses her study abroad plans and potential research in Freiburg, Germany, with Patrick Cottrell, an assistant professor of political science. Evans has applied to conduct research regarding human-rights violations in the European Union. Cottrell brings a wealth of international experience to the classroom, after living and working abroad.'

- The Linfield Magazine 

A Youth Voice at International Summit 

Featuring Political Science student Melissa Greenaway

'When world leaders gathered in Canada for the G8 and G20 summits, Melissa Green- away ’12 had an unprecedented glimpse of politics on a global scale.  A major in political science and economics, Green- away has not just seen the need for change, but has been a part of it. Greenaway was selected as one of seven college students to represent the United States at the My Sum- mit 2010 conference, held in Canada in June alongside the official G8 and G20 summits, and heard passionate debate along the way.'

- The Linfield Magazine  

Top honors: Seniors earn Fulbrights

Featuring Political Science graduate Brett Tolman

'When Brett Tolman ’10 was young, his grandfather gave him some advice: “Very few of us will be called upon to do great things, but every one of us has the capacity to do something small greatly.”  Tolman has taken that to heart and this fall he and three other 2010 Linfield graduates will head across the globe to teach and conduct research as Fulbright scholars.'

- The Linfield Magazine