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Political Science Department

Political Science at Linfield

For better and for worse, politics structure our society and inform our everyday choices. In the Department of Political Science, we challenge you to develop a dynamic skill set that will enable you to adapt to a changing workplace and lead in the world of tomorrow.

You engage critical questions of power, equality, freedom, and justice and learn to think through them systematically. You read political philosophy, engage in public debate, study research methods, learn to observe the world through a variety of lenses, accounting for class, identity, and gender in your practice. You grapple with the complexity of a world problems that transcend borders and emerge better equipped to help solve them.

Our Alumni go on to serve in the Peace Corps or as Fulbright scholars. They get jobs as political consultants, or at private companies like SurveyMonkey or Nike, or in the non-profit sector helping refugees. They head to some of the world’s top law schools or graduate programs. They work in government and education. While at Linfield, they act in theatre performances and play instruments. They are student-athletes and campus leaders. They study abroad and conduct collaborative research with faculty.