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Political Science

Political Science at Linfield: A Handcrafted Education

Walker Hall
Walker Hall

Linfield's Political Science department affords students the opportunity to cultivate their personal interests while grounding them in the theoretical and empirical knowledge that is essential to the discipline.

Recognized for its outstanding faculty and accomplishments of its graduates, the Political Science major aims to help students develop a practical skill set that enables its graduates to be influential players in a range of different professional settings.

Political Science majors at Linfield are able to design their education around their own personal areas of interest while also developing a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Political Science.

In addition to the core major requirements, which include introductory courses such as Great Political Thinkers, methods classes, and an independent proseminar research paper, students may choose from a variety of elective courses. These courses include:

  • Political Communication
  • Political Psychology
  • Current Debates in U.S. Foreign Policy
  • International Law, Ethics, and Global Governance
  • Leadership, War, Gender, and Politics
  • Religion and Politics
  • What is Freedom?
  • Rebels, Thugs, and Skeptics: 20th Century Political Thought

Political Science students at Linfield work closely with faculty members during their Junior and Senior years as they dive in-depth on a topic of their choosing, culminating in a senior project and presentation in their last semester at Linfield. See some recent senior thesis topics.

Our goal is for students to leave Linfield equipped to excel in an increasingly competitive and interconnected workplace, civically engaged, and prepared to have a positive impact on the world around them.

We offer a major and a minor in Political Science. Our department also oversees majors and minors in International Relations and a minor in Law, Rights and Justice.