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Linfield College
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Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement

Place Events 2017-18



September 13: Film Screening: "CitizenFour" time/location TBD

September 20: Pizza and Politics on Whistleblowers and Citizenship in the Digital Age, 6pm Riley 201

September 21: Student persuasive speaking event on the question: “How ought we, as members of the Linfield community, live together?” (Sponsored by Douglass Forum on Law, Rights, and Justice)

September 27: Pizza and Politics on the Politicization of Science, 6pm Riley 201


October 2: “Diplomacy in the Digital Age” (Ryan Jones, US Department of State and Linfield ‘07) , 6pm Riley 201

October 12: Constitution Day event on free speech with Cheryl Harris of UCLA Law School and Jonathan Rauch of the Brookings Institution (contact Nick Buccola for details)


November 6: Lecture by Dr. Suzanne Simard on forest networks (co-sponsored by Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds fund. Contact Chad Tillberg for details.)



Kryptos (cryptology related online competition for undergraduates;


PLACE talks / Symposium presentations