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Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

PLACE creates a “learning laboratory” whereby faculty fellows experiment in liberal education and civic engagement, evaluating and sharing results so others can benefit from their experiences. Often faculty members will collaborate to teach across disciplinary lines (e.g. a Political Science course on War, Politics, and Society and an English course on Literature in War -- insert links) or devise new assignments or pedagogies to help promote civic engagement (e.g. Linfield students taking a religious studies course in Fall 2017 are becoming “digital pen pals” with partnering Muslim students from a different institution).

Below are all the courses that will be adopting innovative approaches to teaching and learning and civic engagement and/or plugging in to the PLACE theme “The Digital Citizen.”

Fall 2017

INQS:Path of Wisdom (Williams)
INQS: What is a Good Citizen? (Mertes)
MSCM 150: Living in a Media World (Sivek)
MSCM 175: Intro to Media Writing (Sivek)
MSCM 180: Multimedia Storytelling (Sivek)
POLS 365: Topics in American Politics - Politics of Inequality (Kelly)
POLS 362: Current Debates in US Foreign Policy (Cottrell)
RELS 111: Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Williams)

January 2018

RELS 110: Approaches to Religion via the Media (Williams)

Spring 2018

MATH 299: Introduction to Cryptology (Millichap)
POLS 353: Political Communication (Kelly)
POLS 370: Leadership in a Digital Age (Cottrell)
RELS/GENS 342: Women in Religion (Williams)
RELS 130: New Testament (Williams)