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Physics Research

Student Summer Research

Students typically present the results of their summer work by giving a 10-20 minute talk at the Linfield physics colloquium, and creating a poster for Linfield's science poster session.  They also frequently present at the Murdock meeting, the American Physical Society's Northwest meeting, and the Oregon Academy of Science meeting.  Outstanding projects are presented at larger national or even international conferences, and may result in publication.

Some typical student summer projects:

In 2004, Paul Canepa's summer project was on "Effective thermionic work function determination of planar LaB6 and CeB6 surfaces".
Todd and Jed
Todd Curtis and Jed Rembold measure the efficiency of CuIn1-xGaxSe2 solar cells.
Zach and Tristan
Tristan Attwood demonstrates operation of the Focused Ion Beam System to fellow student, Zachary Billey.  Tristan created a computer interface for this system during summer, 2004.