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William Mackie - Professor

Graf 106

Education: 1987, Professor of Physics. BA Linfield College; PhD Oregon Graduate Center

Academic Interests:
My research interests are field and thermionic electron emission, work function measurements and theory, surface chemistry and effects, field emission and thermionic cathode development, and refractory compounds including transition metal carbides. We investigate surface properties of various materials through the use of scanning Auger, XPS, effective work function, photoemission, and an absolute (or true) method of work function determination the field emission retarding potential method. Single crystal samples of refractory materials are grown in this laboratory through a floating zone arc refinement system. Applications for the refractory metal compounds include cathodes for advanced thermionic energy conversion, high current density field emission cathodes, and as substrates for epitaxial growth of materials for semiconductor devices.
Bill Mackie also co-owns Applied Physics Technologies.

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