Philosophy at Linfield

TJ Day Hall
Philosophy is located in T.J. Day Hall

A mind trained to view an issue critically, think logically, and function with rational consistency is indispensable in dealing with the complexities of contemporary society. Although a liberal arts education provides various avenues for achieving these proficiencies, there is no more direct way to achieve them than through a study of philosophy.

The student of philosophy acquires an appreciation of the great philosophers and the penetrating questions raised in their works. The Department of Philosophy seeks to present the perspectives of the major schools of philosophical thought.

At the same time, a breadth of exposure to various philosophical points of view is provided by the curriculum.

The Department of Philosophy offers an intellectual experience in which the emphasis is not on information retrieval but upon the dialectical process through which the students learn to think and question. Course offerings in the department serve these purposes: development of the capacity to think and write clearly and coherently, the opportunity to explore the basic philosophical ideas which constitute the intellectual heritage of the Western and Eastern worlds, encouragement of a synoptic view of life through the integration of insight derived from studies in the sciences and humanities, and encouragement for students to formulate their own working philosophies of life.