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Tips for Parents

Below are links to a series of videos designed with Linfield parents in mind. Every couple of weeks, Debbie Harmon Ferry, director of parent relations, interviews a different campus expert on a topic of keen interest to parents.

Episode 1: Susan Hopp - "Parenting Your College Student"  (video)
Topics covered include: how to parent a college student.

Episode 2: Jeff Mackay - "Linfield Residence Life" (video)
Part 1 of 2
Topics covered include: residency requirements, residence halls vs. dorms, roommate assignments and roommate conflicts.

Episode 2: Jeff Mackay - "Linfield Residence Life" (video)
Part 2 of 2
Topics covered include: homesickness, making friends and finding community and leadership roles and opportunities.

Episode 3: Michael J. Hampton - "Career Development at Linfield" (video)
Topics covered include: internships, timing for students to think about career development, the importance of a major, tips for students pursuing a career, and the role of parents in students' career pursuits. 

Episode 4: Shaik Ismail - "Study Abroad Opportunities" (video)
Topics covered include: benefits of studying abroad, how parents can encourage their students to study abroad, level of difficulty in being accepted into the program, timing for studying abroad, how Linfield supports students, costs, native languages and safety.

Episode 5: Ellen Crabtree - "Academic Advising" (video)
Topics covered include: when to declare a major, staying on-track to graduate, academic advisor assignments, schedule for registering for spring term courses, online registration and ability to take necessary courses to graduate. 

Episode 6: Susan Hopp - "When Students Come Home for the Holidays (video)
Topics covered include: scheduling, curfew, changing family dynamic, changes in the student. 

Episode 7: Jennifer Knight - "Completing the FAFSA" (video)
Topics covered include: when to fill out the FAFSA, materials needed to complete the FAFSA, filling out the FAFSA for multiple students, filing the FAFSA one-time vs. annually.