- Linfield College

Life after Linfield

Linfield music students teach, perform professionally, go to graduate school, connect to the music industry, and contribute to their communities through music.  If you want to teach music, do the music major with a minor in education and plan for a one-year Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Grad Schools attended by recent alumni

  1. Mannes College of Music
  2. Peabody Conservatory of Music
  3. University of Nebraska School of Music
  4. Arizona State University School of Music
  5. Northern Arizona University School of Music
  6. Portland State University School of Music

Career choices by recent alumni

  • Freelance recording/touring musician, Nashville, TN
  • Country music singer/songwriter/bandleader
  • Professional music theatre actor/singer, Portland, OR
  • Composition Fellow Brevard Institute, North Carolina
  • Development Operations Coordinator, Central City Opera, CO
  • Public school teachers and college instructors