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Andrea Reinkemeyer Associate Professor of Music Composition & Theory

Andrea Reinkemeyer

Associate Professor of Music Composition & Theory


B.M. University of Oregon; M.M and D.M.A. University of Michigan (Composition)

Vivian Bull Music Center 142




The music of composer Andrea Reinkemeyer “explores a reverent sound world that hovers just above the brink of silence” (Second Inversion); it is “clever, funky, jazzy and virtuosic” (Schenectady Daily Gazette) and “hauntingly melodic and fun, dancing and almost running its way forward” (Fanfare). Her current musical explorations focus on intersectionality, natural phenomena, grief, and home. She has enjoyed recent commissions from: League of American Orchestras and Louisiana Philharmonic with generous support of the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation; Albany (NY) Symphony Orchestra; H. Robert Reynolds and Detroit Chamber Winds & Strings; and Rodney Dorsey for the University of Oregon Wind Ensemble and University Singers. Her music is distributed by the ADJ•ective Composers’ Collective and featured on recordings by In Mulieribus, Idit Shner, A/B Duo, and Post-Haste Reed Duo. Dr. Reinkemeyer is an Associate Professor of Music Composition & Theory at Linfield College. She holds degrees in music composition from the University of Michigan (DMA/MM) and University of Oregon (BM). Born and raised in Oregon, she has also lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Bangkok, Thailand.

Academic Interests:
As a composer, I work in both the acoustic and electroacoustic realms. My music explores gesture through the intersection of the aural, visual and natural worlds through lush melodic lines and textures teeming with new timbres set against churning rhythmic figures.

Recent Commissions:

Triptych: Three Disasters for Two Sopranos, Baritone, Piano, and Fixed Media (2020)
Patrick Wohlmut, libretto; Andrea Reinkemeyer, music
- Rhymes with Opera for the 2020 New Music Gathering

Smoulder for Wind Band (2019)
- Brant Stai (Sherwood High School) led a thirteen-school consoritum commission project

Opening Up for Narrator and String Quartet (2019)
Christine Blasey Ford, written testimony; Andrea Reinkemeyer, music
- Fear No Music

Water Sings Fire for Orchestra (2018)
- Louisiana Philharmonic (Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor), League of American Orchestras, with support of the Viriginia B. Toulmin Foundation

in the speaking silence for Alto Saxophone and Bassoon (2018)
- Post-Haste Reed Duo

Crisp Point Fanfare for Brass Quintet (2017)
- William Lucas for the Michigan Lighthouse Landmark Legacy Project

Saturation for Soprano Saxophone and Piano (2017)
- Idit Shner

From Cycles of Eternity for Treble Voices (2017)
Henrietta Cordelia Ray, poetry; Andrea Reinkemeyer, music
- III. "Life" was commissioned by In Mulieribus in celebration of their tenth concert series

When Justice Reigns for Mixed Choir (2016)
Janine Applegate, poetry; Andrea Reinkemeyer, music
- Lacroute Arts Series at Linfield College for the Concert Choir (Anna Song, director)

The Thaw for Soprano, Tenor, Mixed Choir, and Wind Ensemble (2016)
Artis Henderson, text; Andrea Reinkemeyer, music
- Rodney Dorsey for the University of Oregon Wind Ensemble and University Singers (Sharon Paul, director)

Liquid Heart (NaamJai) for Orchestra (2015)
- Albany (NY) Symphony

Upcoming Commissions: 

Rain Shadow for Flute and Marimba (for fall 2020)
- Abigail Sperling with support of the Oregon Arts Commission

New Work for Concert Band (for winter 2020)
- Mid American Freedom Band



Idit Shner: Minerva on Origin Classical (2019)
featuring Saturation for Soprano Saxophone and Piano (2018)
Commissioned by Idit Shner

In Mulieribus: Cycles of Eternity (2019)
featuring From Cycles of Eternity (2017) for SSSSAA (Henrietta Cordelia Ray, poet)
Commissioned by In Mulieribus in celebration of their tenth Concert Season; Anna Song, artistic director

Post-Haste Reed Duo, Donut Robot! Aerocade Music (2019)
featuring in the speaking silence for Alto Saxophone and Bassoon
Commissioned by Post-Haste Reed Duo

A/B DuoVariety Show Aerocade Music (2016)
featuring Wrought Iron for Flute and Percussion (2012)
Commissioned by the Albany (NY) Symphony


The ADJective Composers' Collective distributes the following pieces:

- Dos Danzas for Concert Band (2010)
- #@&%!* (expletive deleted) for Percussion Quartet (2000)
- Four Poems for Robin for Soprano and Viola (1999) - Gary Snyder, poet
From Cycles of Eternity for Women's Vocal Ensemble (2017-18)
Half Moon Nocturne for Octet (2007)
in the speaking silence for Alto Saxophone and Bassoon (2018)
- Saturation for Soprano Saxophone and Piano (2017)
Water Sings Fire for Orchestra (2018)
- When Justice Reigns for Mixed Choir (2016)
- Wild Silk for Baritone Saxophone, Percussion and Piano (2009)
- Wrought Iron for Flute and Percussion (2012)

Additional Scores:

- Crisp Point Fanfare for Brass Quintet (2017)
- Lured by the Horizon for Orchestra (2005)
- NaamJai (Liquid Heart) for Orchestra (2015)
- The Thaw for Soprano, Tenor, Mixed Choir and Wind Ensemble (2016)
- Things Heard, Misunderstood for Alto Saxophone (2012)
- Smoulder for Wind Ensemble (2019)
- Opening Up for Narrator and String Quartet (2019)

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Professional Affiliations

College Music Society (CMS), International Alliance of Women in Music (IAWM), Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI), Society of Electro Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS)

Honors and Awards

Winner, Flute New Music Consortium Competition, Flute Plus One for "Wrought Iron"
- Faculty Award: Julie Olds and Thomas Hellie Creative Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding creative work (2019)
- Faculty Development Grant (2018)
- Rackham Pre-doctoral Fellowship, Horace H. Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan in support of, "Lured by the Horizon" for Orchestra (2004)