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Linfield College


Andrea Reinkemeyer Assistant Professor

Andrea Reinkemeyer - Assistant Professor

Vivian Bull Music Center 142


B.M. in Composition, University of Oregon; M.M. in Composition, University of Michigan; D.M.A. in Composition, University of Michigan

Academic Interests:
As a composer, I work in both the acoustic and electroacoustic realms. My music explores the intersection of the aural, visual and natural worlds through lush melodic lines and textures teeming with new timbres set against churning rhythmic figures.


The ADJective Composers' Collective distributes the following pieces:

  • Four Poems for Robin for Soprano and Viola (1999) - Gary Snyder, poet

  • #@&%!* (expletive deleted) for Percussion Quartet (2000)

  • Half Moon Nocturne for Octet (2007)

  • Wild Silk for Baritone Saxophone, Percussion and Piano (2009)

  • Dos Danzas for Concert Band (2010)

  • Wrought Iron for Flute and Percussion (2012)

  • When Justice Reigns for Mixed Choir (2016) - coming soon

Additional inquiries should be directed to the composer

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