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About the Department of Music

Mission statement

The Department of Music, accredited through the National Association of Schools of Music, supports the mission of Linfield College as a liberal arts institution. Within the context of a Bachelor of Arts degree, Linfield provides a rigorous music program of appropriate size and scope to meet the needs of its students, and additionally provides educational and concert/recital offerings to the college community and the community-at-large.

Music program philosophy

The music program at Linfield is a synthesis of liberal arts education and professional studies. It is designed to provide the richness and the breadth of understanding needed for worthwhile living along with providing the special skills and understanding necessary to becoming a creative artist.

The music student's liberal arts education begins with participation and performance in musical activities. The curriculum seeks to help students attain:

image of piano practice

  • command of basic skills which are universally recognized as attributes of the musician
  • development of individual musical and intellectual interests
  • professional goals

An environment of strong caring, coupled with high expectation, exists for building confident, qualified, and self-actualizing musicians. Individual attention and personal advising are high priorities. In all music classes there is an excellent student/teacher ratio.

Students participating in the vibrant music program at Linfield have enormous choices, enjoy the attention and caring which is evident campus wide, and receive an education which prepares them to enter the professional arena and to meet the challenges of a pluralistic world. The insight and depth of human understanding students gain enhance the opportunity for personal success and significant service to the broader community.

General Information

Woolley Rehearsal Hall

Piano lab

Music Facilities

  • classroom, studio, rehearsal hall, and practice room space
  • an acoustically attractive concert hall
  • Steinway concert grand piano
  • 45 rank Casavant Pipe Organ
  • dance classes in the state-of-the-art physical education complex 

Performance Opportunities 

The following opportunities are open to all students on campus. An asterisk indicates those ensembles requiring an audition.  

  • Concert Choir*
  • Wind Symphony* 
  • Concert Band
  • Woodwind Ensemble 
  • Pep Band
  • Flute Choir 
  • Jazz Band* 
  • Brass Choir* 
  • Jazz Choir * 
  • Class Piano 
  • Wildcat Men's Glee Club
  • Cascara Voce
  • Chamber Music Ensembles including piano and strings
  • Class Voice
  • Dance Ensemble
  • Opera Theatre (scenes and entire works)*
  • Dance program including classes and ensembles in African, ballet, modern, jazz and tap