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Find Your Tempo

Music is as current and creative as the latest song, and as ancient as history itself. Using voice, beat and a multitude of instruments, almost every culture makes music. Music reflects something profound and deep about each of us, and is an essential part of our future.

Music study at Linfield is a structured way to experience the passion of music and develop imagination. Musical performance and academic scholarship in a caring and intimate setting form the core of our program.

Majors explore the world of music through:

  • Engaging and contemporary curriculum
  • Small classes
  • Ensemble concert tours
  • International travel and study abroad
  • Performing with mentor musicians
  • Internships

The capstone experience for majors is a senior project in performance, composition, music theory, or music history and culture. Students interested in teaching pursue the music major with a minor in education. The music minor is also available to all students. Music students go on to graduate school, connect to music industry, teach, perform professionally and contribute to their communities through music.


The Department of Music is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) through a peer-reviewed accreditation process.


The Department of Music offers scholarships to talented students by audition in theory/composition, voice, piano and instrumental music.