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Multicultural Programs

Promoting Diversity on CampusDiversity Poster

  1. Speak Out. I will not let racist, sexist, homophobic or other stereotypical comments continue in conversations without objecting to them. If I witness or am the victim of discrimination I will speak out.
  2. Learn About Other People. I will meet new people and learn about different cultures and lifestyles. I will take classes that expose me to traditions, values and attitudes of others.
  3. Learn About Myself. I will talk with family members about my cultural heritage. I will learn about my ancestors and the traditions and values that are important in my family.
  4. Examine My Attitudes. I will be aware of ideas, words and actions that denigrate others and eliminate them from my life. I will speak and act as someone who respects others.
  5. Be Informed About Issues. I will attend lectures, read newspapers, listen to public radio and watch films that address discrimination, bigotry and other complex issues in American society.
  6. Celebrate Our Differences. I will enjoy the variety of people and cultures on campus and in the world. I will try new foods, listen to different kinds of music and participate in events that honor other cultures and religions.
  7. Treat People As Individuals. I will not make assumptions about others based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, religion, etc. I will get to know people by listening to their viewpoint and what they say about themselves and by telling them about myself.
  8. Be Part of the Solution. I will talk with others about how to respond to important issues. I will organize or join groups to educate myself and others about the value of diversity, promote positive social action, and to learn love and respect for others.