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Multicultural Programs

Linfield Multicultural Programs Embraces YOU

“The future of American society will rest with people who can think and act with informed grace across ethnic, cultural and linguistic lines. In the world that is coming, if you can’t  navigate difference, you’ve had it.” - Robert Hughes

Multicultural student group

Linfield recognizes the differences and similarities among races, nations, cultures and their various histories and has developed college wide efforts to affirm and encourage pride in our diversity.

Multicultural Programs and Services functions as a catalyst and facilitator forging links among students, faculty, staff and the community. This is accomplished through individual student advising and programs that are inclusive of students, staff and faculty. Collaborative recruitment and retention efforts are made with the admissions office and alumni. Multicultural Programs works closely with Financial Aid in order to aid students in the process of paying for college and getting connected to resources. 

The Multicultural programs office provides support and advice for several programs planned and sponsored by various multicultural student clubs.

"Diversity in the world is a basic characteristic of human society, and also the key condition for a lively dynamic world as we see today."  - Jinato Hu