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Mass Communication

Requirements for Majors and Minors

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About the Program

The mass media tell us most of what we know about the world today, yet few people truly understand the central role of the media in society. Students in Mass Communication are media creators and analysts who study the structures, functions and effects of the media during this exciting time of transformation. Whether they focus on news, entertainment or strategic communication, Mass Communication students gain special insight into the role of media in today's world.

Mass Communication students engage with media from multiple perspectives in the program's wide range of courses, which combine the theory and practice of mediated communication to complement Linfield's liberal arts education. Students customize the flexible Mass Communication curriculum to explore their individual interests in different media and related topics, including journalism, entertainment, public relations and advertising. The senior capstone course offers the chance to create an in-depth, advanced project that integrates the student's experiences throughout the program.

Mass Communication students have opportunities to use in the professional world what they have learned in the classroom. Students who want a real-world taste of media and strategic communication careers can take internships for course credits that count toward the major. Mass Communication coursework comes to life through these experiences, and students make valuable connections with professionals. Students also have opportunities to apply their skills at the student newspaper, the student radio station, student media websites, and in various offices on campus.

Studying Mass Communication develops a powerful set of skills suited for careers in advertising, broadcasting, radio, television, online media, photojournalism, newspapers, magazines, and public relations, as well as for graduate study. These skills are transferable to innumerable other businesses.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Major

In successfully completing a major in mass communication, students will:

  • create entertaining, informative, and/or persuasive media content;
  • analyze and evaluate media content;
  • understand the effects of media on audiences; and
  • understand the structures and functions of mediated communication.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Minor

The media studies minor is designed for students whose interests in communication are focused on the origins, structures and implications of the media in American culture and society. Students critically examine issues related to the power of media in our social, political and legal systems and in popular culture.


The mass communication major is available as a bachelor of arts degree only, as defined in the section on degree requirements for all majors in the Linfield College course catalog.

For a major in Mass Communication: 40 credits, including the following:

  • Core courses (27 credits): 150, 175, 180, 230, 275, 321, and 485.
  • Experiential learning (1 credit): either 111 or 112.
  • Advanced writing (4 credits):from among 370, 375, 377, and 378.
  • Media studies (8 credits): from among 327, 330, 335, 337, 343, 345, 347, 349, 351, 450, 498, and others as approved by department chair. One off-campus January term course (198, 298, 398, 498) offered by the department may be counted toward this requirement.
  • Elective options: 187, 360, 425, 429, 487.

No more than 48 credits from Mass Communication can be counted toward graduation. While 111 and 112 may be taken more than once, only one credit may be applied toward a Mass Communication major. Only courses in the major completed with a grade of C- or better may be used to meet prerequisite requirements or count toward the major.

For a minor in Media Studies: 20 credits including 8 credits from 111 or 112, 150, and 230; and 12 credits chosen from among 327, 330, 335, 337, 343, 345, 347, 349, 351, 450, and others as approved by department chair. One off-campus January term course (198, 298, 398, 498) offered by the department may be counted toward the minor. Courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better to count toward the minor. The Media Studies minor is not available to Mass Communication majors.

Students who entered Linfield in fall 2014 or later may use this progress sheet to track their fulfillment of major requirements.