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Mass Communication


Michael Huntsberger

Michael Huntsberger - Associate Professor

Renshaw 212A


Ph.D., Communication and Society, University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication
B.A., Music Technology emphasis, The Evergreen State College

Professional experience as a manager, producer, engineer, and consultant across a range of public and commercial media enterprises.

Academic Interests

Public media policy (U.S. and international)
Media technology
Mass media history
Mass media ethics


Huntsberger, Michael W. "Attempting an affirmative approach to American broadcasting: Ideology, politics, and the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, in press (Winter 2014).

Huntsberger, Michael W. (2014). "Improving the mass media history project: Turning undergraduate students into history detectives. Journal of Media Education,5(1), 35-40

Huntsberger, Michael W. (2013).  "Hybridizing history: Re-inventing the mass media history course." Journal of Media Education,4(2), 21-25.

Huntsberger, Michael W. (2012).  "My show is a public service: How values of free expression and professionalism influence community radio." In Janey Gordon (ed.), Community Radio in the 21st Century. Oxford: Peter Lang.

Huntsberger, Michael W. (2012). "U.S. radio in the 21st century: Staying the course in unknown territory." In John Allen Hendricks (ed.), The Palgrave Encyclopedia of International Radio. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Stavitsky, Alan G. & Huntsberger, Michael W.  (2010).  "With the support of listeners like you: Lessons from U.S. public radio."  In Gregory Ferrell Lowe (ed.), The Public in Public Media. Goteborg: Nordicom.

Stavitsky, Alan G. & Huntsberger, Michael W. (2010).  "Digital radio strategies in the United States: A tale of two systems." In Brian O'Neill (ed.), Digital radio in Europe: Technologies, industries and cultures. London: Intellect.

Huntsberger, Michael W. (2008). "A matter of both legal and moral authority." Journal of Mass Media Ethics, v.23 n.4, 314-317.

Huntsberger, Michael W. and Stavitsky, Alan G. (2007). "The new podagogy: Incorporating podcasting into journalism education." Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, v.61 n.4, 397-410.

Huntsberger, Michael W. (2006).  "Creativity, free expression, and professionalism: Value conflicts in U.S. community radio."  Southern Review, v.39 n.2, 44-60.

Courses at Linfield

Electronic Media Practices
Electronic Media Writing
Living in a Media World
Mass Communication Ethics
Mass Communication History
Mass Media in the European Union
Senior Capstone
Topics in Mass Communication: Interactive Multimedia
Topics in Mass Communication: Video
Topics in Mass Communication: Audio

Sivek portrait

Susan Currie Sivek - Associate Professor

Renshaw 205


Ph.D. and M.A., University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism
B.A., English, Trinity University

Professional experience as a freelance writer for magazines and websites and as a copy editor. Magazine industry correspondent for MediaShift. View full CV.

Academic Interests

Journalism and technology
Magazine journalism
Media sociology
Political communication

Recent Publications

Sivek, S. C. (in press). The contribution of city magazines to the urban information environment. Journal of Magazine and New Media Research

Sivek, S. C. (2014). Your brand, their product: A critical look at teaching personal branding in journalism education. Teaching Journalism and Mass Communication.

Sivek, S. C. (2014). City magazine editors and the evolving urban information environmentCommunity Journalism, 3(1). 

Sivek, S. C., and Townsend, A. (2014). Opportunities and constraints for independent digital magazine publishers. Journal of Magazine and New Media Research, 15(1). 

Sivek, S. C. (2013). Political magazines on Twitter during the U.S. Presidential Election 2012: Framing, uniting, dividing. Digital Journalism. doi: 10.1080/21670811.2013.868147 

Courses at Linfield

Living in a Media World
Introduction to Media Writing
Multimedia Storytelling
Media Theory and Criticism
Social Media Theory and Practice
Mass Media, Politics and Public Opinion
Media, War, and Culture
Mass Communication Research Methods
Senior Capstone

Brad Thompson
Photo by Rusty Rae

Brad Thompson - Associate Professor

Renshaw 203


Ph.D., Communications, University of Colorado at Boulder
M.A., Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia
B.A., University of Denver

Brad Thompson joined the Linfield College faculty in 2003. Before earning his Ph.D. in communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder, he worked as a full-time newspaper reporter and editor for 16 years, most of that time at the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. He also has worked at the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Oregonian and elsewhere.  Before joining Linfield College, he taught full- and part-time at Penn State and Metropolitan State College in Denver and was a Fulbright Scholar for a year in Bulgaria.

Courses at Linfield

Information Gathering
Introduction to Media Writing
Mass Media Law
Mass Media and Society
Mass Media, Politics, and Public Opinion

Lisa Weidman

Lisa Weidman - Associate Professor and Department Chair

Renshaw 102A


Ph.D., Mass Communications, Syracuse University
M.S., Media Administration, Syracuse University
B.A., English/Writing Sequence, University of California at Davis

Academic Interests

Popular communication (including sports media, tabloid newspapers, magazines, social media and alternative media for adolescents)
Influences on media content (media sociology)
Agenda setting theory
Diffusion theory
Cultural studies


Sumner, D. T., & Weidman, L. M. (2013). Eco-terrorism or Eco-tage: An Argument for the Proper Frame. Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 20(4), 1–22.

Beachboard, M. R., & Weidman, L. M. (2013). Client-Centered Skill Sets: What Small IMC Agencies Need from College Graduates. Journal of Advertising Education, 17(2), 28-38.

Weidman, L. M. (2010). Homophobia, Heterosexism, and Ambivalence in the Premier Issue of Sports Illustrated Woman|Sport. In L.K. Fuller (Ed.), Sexual Sports Rhetoric: Global and Universal Contexts (pp. 147-158). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Scharrer, E., Weidman, L. M., & Bissell, K. (2003). Pointing the Finger of Blame: News Media Coverage of Popular-Culture Culpability. Journalism & Communication Monographs, 5(2), 48-98.

Beal, B., & Weidman, L. M. (2003). The Authentic Skateboarder Identity (invited chapter in a refereed book). In R. Rinehart & S. Sydnor (Eds.), To the Extreme: Alternative Sports Inside and Out. Albany, NY: SUNY Press.

Weidman, L. M. (2001). Tales from the Testosterone Zone (invited chapter in a refereed book). In E. L. Toth & L. Aldoory (Eds.), The Gender Challenge to Media: Diverse Voices from the Field, pp. 61-103. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Courses at Linfield

Inquiry Seminar: A Serious Look at Laughter
Living in a Media World
Social Media Theory and Practice
Introduction to Media Writing
Mass Communication Career Preparation
Principles of Public Relations
Principles of Advertising
Public Relations Writing
Senior Seminar

Susan Barnes Whyte - Library Director and Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Nicholson Library 181


M.Ln., Emory University
B.A., Earlham College

Academic Interests

Technology and teaching, how data is transformed into knowledge, how we live in technology and against technology.


Essays about technology and teaching/learning, how computers affect who we are as people, who we are as communities, and how we teach and learn. Many presentations about information literacy, how we think about information.