Linfield’s Community Inauguration Share, Listen, Reflect!

Ellis Island Flag of Faces

Join the Diversity Advisory Committee and members of the Linfield community as we gather to honor Linfield’s values of human rights, diversity, and inclusion this Friday January 20th, 2017 from 9am to 11am. Together we will share and create the Linfield culture we want as we approach the upcoming chapter of American History.  Students, faculty, staff, and community members will be able to openly share and mindfully listen to the values and experiences presented following the 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Schedule of the Event
Presidential Inauguration Viewing– 9am
Presentations and Performances – 10 to 11am

Would you like to present, perform, or reflect upon the inauguration? Here is how it works!  Choose your presentation format, sign up for a 5 minute slot, and let us listen and learn from you.

Presentation Formats:
Read a poem
Sing a song
Interpretive dance
Skype presentation (if not on campus)
Other performance

Attend, listen, share, reflect!


Our goal is to promote, advance, and confirm Linfield’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We strive to provide a safe space on Inauguration Day for ALL members of the Linfield Community to come together, listen, and reflect upon the values that make Linfield diverse and inclusive. Everyone is welcomed, we encourage positivity and open-mindedness during this time in American history.