To mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Linfield presents ‘The Berlin Diaries’

The Lacroute Arts Series at Linfield and the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts presents Hand2Mouth Theatre’s theatrically staged reading of “The Berlin Diaries” by award–winning playwright Andrea Stolowitz. 

The performance will be held in the Marshall Theatre in Ford Hall on Monday, Jan. 27, (International Holocaust Remembrance Day) at 7 p.m.  

Andrea Stolowitz’ great grandfather kept a journal for his descendants after escaping to New York City in 1939 as a German Jew. Following the complicated lure of genealogy, Stolowitz went back to Berlin to bring the story of her unknown ancestors out of the archives into the light. In this complex, contemporary drama about the search for home, fragmented heritage and Jewish diaspora, two performers, Erin Leddy and Damon Kupper, scintillate between characters and locations at the border of reality and memory and the intersection of national history and private lives. 

The performance is free and seating is first come, first served. There will be a talk-back following the performance.  

This event is part of the continuing celebration of Linfield Theatre’s 100th anniversary season and is sponsored by the Lacroute Arts Series at Linfield, the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts, and the Chaplin’s Office.

For more information call 503.883.2802 or visit