Theatre welcomes Schiller as artist in residence

Angela Farr Schiller Linfield College will host Angela Farr Schiller, an artist in residence, on Thursday and Friday, May 9-10. She will present a lecture and a workshop, participate in a panel discussion and visit classes. All of these events will take place in the Marshall Theatre in Ford Hall.

  • Thursday, May 9 — Post–Show Panel: “The Musical as History: Cabaret’s Intervention into Public Thought” (Immediately following the performance of Cabaret at approximately 10 p.m.)
    This panel considers what it means for a musical to represent history, and for Cabaret to reshape public understanding of the prelude to war. In addition to Schiller, panelists include Lindsey Mantoan, assistant professor of theatre and resident dramaturg, and Rachel Schley, assistant professor of history.
  • Friday, May 10 — Tactile Revolutions: Race, Performance, and the Politics of Touch” noon
    The time of memory serves as one of the ways that African Americans have, in the words of playwright Suzan-Lori Parks, “reached back” in an effort to look forward. This talk suggests that the act and time of remembering for African Americans functions as a performance of subversion and agility against a dominant Western narrative of modernity couched in narratives such as the American Dream—a vision predicated on the ability to escape from the past, to literally leave the “Old World” and “go west.” Schiller considers the ways that, for those who stand at the margins of the American Dream, remembering can possess affective power in the present.
  • Friday, May 10 — Dramaturgy Workshop, 2 p.m.
    Dramaturgy is about building bridges between art and the world around us. This workshop focuses on audience engagement and asks: how can we put theatre in service of multiple communities? Augusto Boal tells us theatre should “be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it.” Boal articulates a fundamental part of the dramaturg’s mission; in this workshop, we will strategize how to provoke such a transformation.

Schiller is an assistant professor and resident dramaturg for the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at Kennesaw State University. She received her B.A. in Theatre from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she completed her final year of study at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She also studied at the University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana and the University degli Studi di Siena in Italy. She received her M.A. from the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis with an emphasis in Africana Studies from New York University, and completed her Ph.D. in Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

She has appeared onstage with the Emmy Award–winning Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Programs, the National Dance Company of Ghana, the Tony Award–winning Old Globe Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse, and toured with Stanford Repertory Theatre’s production of The Wanderings of Odysseus in Athens, Greece. As a dramaturg, she has worked on several productions including The Color Purple, Hairspray, Cabaret, Father Comes Home from the Wars, Peter and the Starcatcher, Heathers the Musical, Three Sisters, The Scarlet Letter, Feathers and Teeth, In the Blood, As You Like It, and Native Guard. As a director, she has worked on several productions, such as The Bluest Eye, Dreamgirls, Branches Etched Across the Sky, In the Red and Brown Water, and Twilight: Los Angeles 1992.

The events are free and open to the public. This residency is sponsored by The Lacroute Arts Series at Linfield College, the Dean’s Speakers Fund, PLACE (Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement) and the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts. Call 503-883-2802 for more information.