Student sustainability projects get the green light

Linfield’s Advisory Committee on the Environment and Sustainability (ACES) awarded five grants to students for sustainability projects planned for spring semester.

Students will build an on-campus bike shelter using green materials. Equipped with solar arrays, the shelter will generate enough energy to produce light at night for safety. It will be located near the Linfield Bike Co-op repair and loan shop, which received funds to purchase tools for free bike repair and maintenance.

Elsewhere on campus, students will implement a pilot composting project. They plan to create compost for the new community garden, which will provide the campus dining hall with fresh produce.

Students will also work in the local community, repairing trails at the Tryon Life Community Farm.

These awards were made possible through the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fund program, established last year by a student vote that increased student body fees.

The fund provides $30,000 each year to support campus sustainability projects and to purchase renewable energy for the college.

Sustainability at Linfield

Environmental Studies

Student Greenfield Club

U Car Share program at Linfield

(Photo of Samantha Mack ’11)

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