Linfield professor named scholar-in-residence with Portland Shakespeare Project

English Professor Daniel Pollack-PelznerEnglish Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner will share his love of the Bard with theatre-goers this summer, as a scholar-in-residence with a popular regional theatre company.

Each audience member at “The Taming of the Shrew” has been invited to “watch the performance like a Shakespearean scholar,” as Professor Pollack-Pelzner presents preshow discussions about the famous English playwright and poet.

Thanks to a collaborative research grant from the Linfield Center for the Northwest, Linfield students Kate McMullan ’13 and Kyra Rickards ’14 have also had the opportunity to work with the Portland Shakespeare Project. Their roles as literary advisors have enabled them to provide research about the cultural background of plays, help make choices about the script, and inform actors about literary and historical references.

Daniel Pollack-Pelzner teaches Shakespeare, Renaissance drama and British literary history. A Harvard-educated scholar, he trained at Yale University as a Shakespearean actor and is currently completing a book on Shakespeare and the Victorian novel. Pollack-Pelzner was a visiting scholar at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last month, and is a witty and engaging guest on regional radio programs, including a recent interview on KBOO Community Radio.

Read Pollack-Pelzner’s post on the Oregon Arts Watch website.