Violist Pedro Graterol presents “Zeitgeist: Brahms, Bach and Hindemith”

portrait of Pedro GraterolLinfield University music major and violist Pedro Graterol presents his senior recital, “Zeitgeist: Brahms, Bach and Hindemith,” at 5 p.m. Thursday, April 22. Registration for the virtual event is required to receive a recital link.

The recital will feature recordings of works by Brahms, Bach, Hindemith and Diaz. According to Graterol, the pieces deal with the spirit of the times: complex layers and emotions involved in the COVID-19 pandemic, from Bach’s Chaconne’s experiences with grief to Hindemith’s cataclysmic experiences with global crisis.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to share the music I have been working for since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Graterol said. “This is meant to be an experience to reflect on how the experiences of today relate to moments in the past and how we can find strength in order to continue persevering through this challenging times. Furthermore, I’ve really liked playing with the digital medium to plan an experience that is not only a recreation of a recital in a digital medium, but rather a recital optimized for the digital era.”

Born in Venezuela, Graterol has been performing in Linfield’s Department of Music since 2017. He participated in the prestigious musical program El Sistema and has performed with world-class conductors including Simon Rattle, Gustavo Dudamel, Thomas Wilkins and Maxim Eshkenazy, and in the prestigious 2013 Salzburg Festival and Los Angeles Philharmonic’s National Take a Stand Festival. During his time in Linfield, he has studied with adjunct professor of music Victoria Gunn. As a double major in music and political science with minor in leadership and ethics across discipline, he has researched the intersection of music and politics and the usage of duality in harmony and form in the works of Clarke and Hindemith.

For more information, visit the Department of Music’s webpage under upcoming events.