Partners in Progress campaign kicks off

In a News-Register column, alumna Kathleen Bernards ’76 says Linfield College and the community support each other in a symbiotic way and urged support for Linfield’s Partners in Progress campaign.

The town-gown symbiotic relationship between Linfield College and Yamhill County is unique, says Bernards, who has served with Linfield’s campaign for more than 20 years.

“The college and the community support one another economically, artistically, emotionally and spiritually,” she says. Community members share Linfield’s school spirit, and students, faculty and staff share community pride.

“This year’s Partners in Progress campaign starts soon,” Bernards says. “As a time-honored tradition, contributions will continue to scholarships for Yamhill County students, and strengthen the library, arts programs and Wildcat athletics.”

Bernards is a local CPA who volunteers her professional services as a board member or treasurer to numerous nonprofit organizations. Her father was a Linfield professor, and her brothers and daughter attended Linfield.

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