Paddock talk highlights heroine who saved Norway with a lur

Joan Paddock, professor of musicJoan Paddock, professor of music, will demonstrate the lur, an obscure Scandinavian trumpet, and share the story of heroine Prillar Guri in an upcoming event as part of the Linfield College Faculty Lecture Series.  

Paddock will present “The Lur of Prillar Guri” on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 7 p.m. in the Fred Meyer Lounge in Riley Hall at Linfield.  

In 1612, Scottish mercenaries invaded Norway and journeyed east to join Swedish forces in the Kalmar War against the Danish-Norse kingdom, destroying all in their path. It was unclear who could stop them until a haunting sound made by a young woman with a type of wooden trumpet called a “lur” saved her people.  

Paddock will discuss the background and construction of the lur, as well as share the story of the heroine, Prillar Guri, who sounded the lur to save her people from Scottish invasion during the Kalmar War in 1612 at the Battle of Kringen. 

Paddock, at Linfield since 1994, is the first woman to receive a doctorate in trumpet performance from Indiana University. Paddock received the Emmy Award from the National Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Performer’s Certificate from Indiana University. She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to Norway, and studied at the Norwegian State Academy of Music. She is a trumpeter with Halcyon Trio Oregon, a Bach Trumpet Clinician for the Selmer Music Corporation, a 27-year member of the trumpet section with Oregon’s Britt Festival Orchestra and an “on call” trumpeter with the Oregon Symphony and Portland Opera.   

The lecture is free and open to the public. The Linfield College faculty lecture series offers one presentation each month. For more information, call 503-883-2409.