Obert photography exhibit on display in Linfield Gallery

Photography by Liz Obert“State of Transition,” an exhibit featuring photography by Liz Obert, will be on display through Oct. 5 in Linfield Gallery at Linfield College.

An artist talk will be held Wednesday, Sept. 4, at 5 p.m. in the Nicholson Library Large Viewing Room, followed by an opening reception in the Linfield Gallery.

The body of new photographic works allows viewers an intimate look at the cultural shifts of Lisbon, Portugal, providing an opportunity to see our own cities with new eyes.

“This work is about the complexities and contradictions that surround the city of Lisbon, Portugal,” said Obert, who began the series by walking the streets of Lisbon during an artist residency at Hangar. “I was just looking and photographing whatever caught my eye – the colors, the textures, the people. While learning about the city, I discovered it was in a constant state of transition, from its medieval past to its present state as a vibrant modern city that is becoming overrun by tourists. By looking at the images I captured, I could see signs of this transformation in a variety of ways including old textures, peeling paint, electrical wires, new construction and graffiti.”

Obert uses the camera as a medium for storytelling. She has investigated social themes such as houslessness and mental illness as well as indulging in street photography. Currently residing in Portland, Oregon, she received her BFA from College of Santa Fe and her MFA from Washington State University. Obert has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. Most recent exhibitions include the 5th International Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography, Barcelona, Spain and Camera USA in Naples, Florida. She has also been published in Slate Magazine and the Huffington Post. Liz worked as a professor of art at Linfield from the early 2000’s until 2019. https://www.lizobert.com/



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