Musil discusses Linfield residency in Oregonian Q and A

Robert MusilRenowned sustainability expert Robert Musil, a Woodrow Wilson Foundation visiting fellow, spoke about his Linfield residency and the politics of climate change with The Oregonian.

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Musil attended classes and presented a public lecture as part of a three-day residency at Linfield College. Among his messages, he urged students to become engaged.

“American politics and life is not a spectator sport, so people need to be engaged if they want to change things,” he said. “Young people, in particular, need to start voting in higher numbers.”

Musil is the president and CEO of the Rachel Carson Council, the legacy environmental organization envisioned by Carson and founded in 1965 by her friends and colleagues. Musil is also a senior fellow and adjunct professor at the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies in the School of Public Affairs at American University, where he teaches about climate change and American environmental politics.

His visit was sponsored by the President’s Office, the Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement (PLACE), and the Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellows Program, which supports small liberal arts colleges by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives for the purpose of discussion and learning.

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