Linfield’s support for veterans applauded on CNN

President Davis: Creating Support for Veterans in Higher EducationReleased to coincide with Veterans Day 2020, Linfield University is the subject of a new CNN branded-content video, “Small Town Heroes: Creating Support For Veterans In Higher Education.”

While military service affords many the opportunity for higher education, veterans say they often struggle to access resources and find a community on campus. Linfield President Miles K. Davis, a U.S. Navy veteran himself, understands how important it is to extend a hand to students and potential students who might arrive with life experiences very different from an 18-year-old high school graduate.

“Coming from military life into higher education has its own unique set of challenges,” Davis said. “I want to be at least one person who not only expresses appreciation but offers authentic support.”

Linfield graduate and military veteran Dan Davis ’15 also spoke with the producers of the video. “All of these people working hard to make me successful, makes me want to give back,” he said of the many Linfield departments and offices that helped him as a student.

A number of other McMinnville residents and Linfield veterans are featured in the video, which was a collaboration between CNN’s Courageous team and the USAA insurance company.

“The Linfield community’s generosity, care and insights were evident at every step,” said Cassandra Evanisko, writer and director of the video. “While we wanted to bring attention to the challenges that face service members pursuing higher-ed, we hope this film speaks to the spirit of Linfield and the supportive community it fosters.”