Linfield College partners with University of Burgundy

The presidents of Linfield College and University of Burgundy signing the new agreementLinfield College has a new connection for both wine studies and French language education, after signing a collaborative agreement with the University of Burgundy. 

The partnership establishes multiple opportunities for students of both schools to study abroad, collaborate on research and more.  

“It is so exciting to see Linfield College and the University of Burgundy formalizing a relationship that I am sure will provide many pathways for students and faculty to engage and interact with each other,” said Gregory V. Jones, the director of wine education at Linfield 

“Developing these types of opportunities enriches the educational experience for students and better prepares them for wine industry careers,” he added. 

The partnership will establish short-term study abroad programs in wine studies at both locations, wine internship opportunities in both the United States and France, as well as research project collaboration. The agreement also allows for a graduate student from the University of Burgundy to work as a language assistant at Linfield.  

The agreement was signed Jan. 24 by Linfield President Thomas Hellie and University of Burgundy President Alain Bonnin in Dijon, France. The programs will start in the 2018-19 academic year.