Linfield marks Threats to Justice week

Threats to Justice Week aims to highlight justice and human rights as related to vulnerable populations. To mark the week, Linfield College will host events to bring attention to human rights threats Monday, Nov. 4, through Thursday, Nov. 7, on both the McMinnville and Portland campuses.  

Through film screenings, panel discussions and lectures, the Linfield College community and public will have the opportunity to learn more about human rights issues on subjects such as, LGBTQ health, religious freedoms and immigration. 

Details on the events follow: 

Trans Dudes with Lady Cancer 

Monday, Nov. 4 

Noon, Peterson Hall 110Portland 

6:30 p.m.Ice Auditorium, McMinnville 

Within just a month of each other, two house mates were diagnosed with cancer  one with breast, the other with ovarian. But their battles did not begin there as the two people are transgender men, and access to adequate healthcare has been challenging for the transgender community. Brooks Nelson and Yee Won Chong documented their journeys through their film, Trans Dudes with Lady Cancer. After the McMinnville screening, Nelson and Chong will participate in a panel discussion. 

Communities of Faith Attacked 

Tuesday, Nov. 5  

6:30 p.m., Ice Auditorium, McMinnville 

Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths respond to threats and attacks in today’s political and social climate. Rabbi Eli Herb from Temple Beth Sholom, Jawad Khan from Muslim Educational Trust and Pastor Brennen Guillory from Co-op Ministries will present their personal and collective faith perspectives in a panel discussion with audience conversation.  


Wednesday, Nov. 6 

6:30 p.m., Ice AuditoriumMcMinnville 

Undeterred is a documentary by Eva Lewis about community resistance in the rural border town of Arivaca, ArizonaSince NAFTA, 9/11 and the Obama and Trump administrations, border residents have been on the front lines of the humanitarian crisis caused by increased border enforcement build up. Undeterred is an intimate and unique portrait of how residents in a small rural community, caught in the cross-hairs of global geo-political forces, have mobilized to demand rights and provide aid to injured, oft times dying people funneled across a wilderness desert. 

Roots and Essence of Ancient Mexico 

Thursday, Nov. 7 

6:30 p.m.Ice AuditoriumMcMinnville  

Guillermo Marin Ruiz’s lecture will provide guests with a schematic and practical knowledge of the ancient history of Mexico. Marin analyzes its stages of development, important knowledge and representative cultures while dismantling unconscious colonial attitudes towards the dominant culture. Participants will get to know the Anahuac Development Pyramid and its four systems, the emergence of culture and the development of Toltecayotl, philosophical expression of the Anahuac. The lecture will be in Spanish with English headsets available.