Linfield makes $12,000 tuition commitment to high-achieving students

Campus banner with treesLinfield College is making a tuition commitment of no more than $12,000 for the first year to the top 5 percent of students admitted for fall 2020.  

“There is a misperception that all private colleges are more expensive than state universities,” said Linfield President Miles K. Davis. “The reality is the total cost of attendance at a private college can be comparable to a state institution, especially when factoring in fouryear graduation rates. At Linfield, we want to make sure high-achieving students from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, can enjoy the intimate, private college experience at a public-school price.” 

In-state tuition at public schools in the Pacific Northwest ranges between $11,000-13,000. 

The top 5 percent of Linfield admitted students for fall 2020 will be determined by March 20, 2020, and based on weighted GPA. Students must complete applications by Feb. 1 to be considered for the program. The scholarships will automatically renew up to a total of four years of tuitionNinety-six percent of Linfield students receive financial assistance of some kind, whether it’s scholarships, grants, loans or campus jobs, or any combination of those. 

Linfield joins Oglethorpe University, Robert Morris University and California Lutheran University in offering large scholarships to top academic performing students to compete with state school costs. 

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