Linfield faculty spend summer pursuing knowledge and research

Susan Currie SivekSummer is an important time for Linfield College faculty to pursue research, deepen their knowledge in their field and prepare for the next academic year. This includes attending conferences and participating in professional activities. For some, this also includes the opportunity to present their research and ideas.

Professors Susan Currie Sivek and Leonard Finkelman are just two Linfield faculty members who had this opportunity. Sivek presented a poster as a finalist for the Great Ideas for Teachers competition sponsored by the Scholastic Journalism Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication as well as the Community College Journalism Association. Sivek was named a finalist for two ideas she submitted, but could only present one of them.

“I’m honored to have these teaching activities selected as finalists in this competition, with so many great professors from around the country also participating,” Sivek said. “I’m really fortunate to be at a place like Linfield, where I have great students who are open to trying out new ways to learn, and supportive colleagues who constantly inspire me to be a better teacher by their examples.”

Finkelman presented at the International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology conference in early July in Montreal, Canada. His talk, entitled “De-Extinction and the Conception of Species,” looked at the new area of de-extinction from a philosophic perspective.

“I tend to think of a good conference like an academic’s version of ComicCon: it’s a great opportunity to get excited with like-minded enthusiasts about all the new work that’s coming out in one’s area of interest,” Finkelman said. “ISH in particular reinforces a sense of community among philosophers, historians and social scientists who specialize in biological issues. The conference gives us an opportunity to meet, to collaborate and to bring home fresh ideas and perspectives that reinvigorate our collective enthusiasm.”

Here is a look at what some other Linfield College faculty did with their summer:

Tania Carrasquillo Hernández, assistant professor of Spanish: Participated in the XXXII International Congress of Latin American Studies in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she presented a talk titled “El San Juan metafórico que se reinventa ante la modernidad.” She also continued her research on the interconnections between the Spanish Catalan cellist Pau Casals (1876-1973) and the government of Luis Muñoz Marín (1898-1980) at the Archivo General de Puerto Rico in San Juan, and at the La Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico.

Chuck Dunn, professor of mathematics: Prepared for a presentation in September titled “Competitive Graph Coloring” at the Third Gdansk Workshop on Graph Theory being held in Gdansk, Poland.

Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt, professor of English: Attended the American Association of University Professors Summer Institute in Denver, Colorado. Her attendance was sponsored by the AAUP Oregon Chapter. The four-day institute focused on preparing faculty to organize with colleagues, stand up for academic freedom and advocate for teaching and research as the core priority of higher education.

David Fiordalis, associate professor of religious studies: Presented a paper titled “Buddhas and Body Language: The Case of the Buddha’s Smile” at a symposium at the Mangalam Research Center for Buddhist Languages in Berkeley, California.

Michael Huntsberger, associate professor of mass communication: Gave the opening remarks at the Northwest Regional Summit of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. His talk compared the unique qualities of community media in the United States to the qualities of public service media providers around the world.

Laura Kenow, associate professor of health, human performance and athletics: Attended the National Athletic Trainers Association 66th Annual Clinical Symposia and Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, where she was joined by Linfield students Shobana Randev ’16 and Andrew Free ’17.

Michael Leahy, visiting associate professor of health sciences: Attended the Allegheny College Global Health Conference, where he presented on his work to develop online global health. The workshop he did at the conference will help further develop his Global Health course.

Sandra Lee, professor of intercultural communication and English as a second language: Attended a one-day workshop in Portland on the Intercultural English Language Testing System, which is one of the tests that Linfield’s Office of Admission uses for international students. She also attended two workshops presented by the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, a one-day workshop on the work of Edward T. Hall, and a three-day workshop on language and culture.

Tom Love, professor of anthropology: Participated in an NSF-sponsored workshop on Cultural Domain Analysis in cultural anthropology in Beaufort, North Carolina. The methods examined in the conference will assist his ongoing ethnobotanical project in Peru as well as a project on solar thermal water heating being launched in Peru with colleagues at the Universidad Nacional de San Agustin.

Xiaoyue Luo, associate professor of mathematics: Attended the Applied Inverse Problems Conference in Helsinki, Finland, and presented a talk titled “A Sparse Coding Approach for Inverse Problems in Imaging via Self-Adaptive Probability Distribution.”

Bill Mackie, professor of physics: Gave an invited talk at the 59th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication held in San Diego, California. The talk was titled “Use of HfC(210) as High Brightness Electron Sources.”

Brenda Marshall, professor of theatre and communication arts, and Ty Marshall, professor of theatre arts: Continued the collection of stories from dory fishers in Pacific City and processing the material already collected for inclusion in the digital archives.

Ron Mills, professor of art and visual culture: During August, will be the Artist in Residence at the School of the Integrated Arts in Santa Ana, Costa Rica (Escuela Municipal de las Artes Integradas de Santa Ana), where he is consulting on curriculum and an ongoing mural.

Amy Orr, professor of sociology: Will attend the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in Chicago, Illinois, in August. At that conference, she will also attend the board meeting of the Sociology of Education, a journal of the ASA, where serves on the editorial board as well as the meetings of Alpha Kappa Delta, the international honor society in sociology, where she serves on the national council.

Joan Paddock, professor of music: Performed this summer with the Britt Festival Orchestra where she has been a member of the trumpet section for over 25 years. The August 1 performance was the BBC Music Magazine’s pick for all music festivals internationally. She was also the trumpet soloist for a trumpet/organ recital in Bergen, Norway, in June; was the soloist for the North Coast Symphonic Band in Astoria in July; and will be the flugelhorn soloist with the Salem Concert Band when they play at Youngberg Hill outside McMinnville on August 30.

Janet Peterson, associate professor of health, human performance and athletics: Attended the American College of Sports Medicine Certifications Development Committee meetings in Miami, Florida, and also presented to the McMinnville Lions Club on the plight of the Nepal porters.

Catherine Reinke, assistant professor of biology: Was funded by the National Science Foundation to participate in a workshop titled “RNA-seq for the Next Generation” held at California State University, Long Beach. She gave a brief presentation describing the Linfield lab’s use of next-generation sequencing technologies to explore mechanisms of microRNA-mediated gene silencing.

David Sumner, professor of English/environmental studies: Presented a paper titled “Bring My Ashes Here” at the Association for Literature and the Environment in Moscow, Idaho.

Martha VanCleave, professor of mathematics: Attended the ColabEX Live! conference in New York, New York, and presented “Successful General Education Assessment with ePortfolios.” The talk presented information about Linfield’s curriculum assessment plan and the use of ePortfolios to gather student exemplars to use for assessing a student’s accomplishment of learning outcomes.

Sharon Wagner, professor of business: Attended the Academy of Management Teaching Conference in Vancouver, Canada, and co-presented a talk titled “Making Connections Among Disciplines: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approaches.” The talk covered a student project designed by Wagner along with Rob Garnder, Jeff Peterson, and Duncan Reid that focused on sustainability in education institutions, and which covered two sociology courses and a business course. The project culminated in recommendations to Linfield College on future sustainability efforts.

Lisa Weidman, associate professor of mass communication: Attended the annual convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication in San Francisco, California, where she organized and moderated a teaching panel called “Going Pro: Teaching Students to Use Social Media as Professional Communicators.”

Yanna Weisberg, assistant professor of psychology: Attended the Association for Research in Personality Conference in St. Louis. Missouri, where she presented a poster entitled “Development and Validation of the Affiliation Scale.”

Beth West, assistant professor and teaching and online learning librarian: Moderated a panel at the American Library Association annual conference in San Francisco, California, titled “Assessing Library Integration in Content Management Systems.” She also completed the Association of College and Research Libraries’ Immersion Program in Seattle, a highly competitive professional development program.

Joe Wilkins, associate professor of English: Began a residency that will extend through the fall at the Dutch Henry Homestead, a remote site in the Klamath Mountains above the Rogue River in southern Oregon.