Linfield College names faculty award winners

Linfield bikeFive Linfield College faculty members were honored recently for scholarly achievement, contributions to the life of the college beyond regular duties, excellence in the classroom, international scholarship and creative achievement.

Recipients were Anne Kruchten, associate professor of biology, the Allen and Pat Kelley Faculty Scholar Award; Jennifer Nordstrom, professor of mathematics, the Edith Green Distinguished Professorship Award; Nicholas Buccola, associate professor of political science, the Samuel H. Graf Faculty Achievement Award; Lex Runciman, professor of English, the Julie Olds and Thomas Hellie Creative Achievement Award; and Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt, professor of English, the Marvin and Laurie Henberg International Scholar Award.

Anne_KruchtenKruchten is the recipient of the Allen and Pat Kelley Faculty Scholar Award, recognizing outstanding scholarly achievement. A Linfield professor since 2006, Kruchten is the co-author of a new textbook, “Receptor Physiology and Evolution,” scheduled to be available this coming year. The text uncovers new ways of understanding the relationships of receptors to each other based on evolutionary and functional similarities and differences. In addition to teaching, she works alongside students conducting research on Ewing’s sarcoma, a pediatric bone cancer. She helped co-found Linfield’s innovative iFOCUS program (Interdisciplinary First-year Orientation Camp for Undergraduate Sciences), where students launch their Linfield science careers with interdisciplinary hands-on laboratory and field experience.


Jennifer NordstromNordstrom is the recipient of the Edith Green Distinguished Professorship Award, recognizing a senior faculty member who demonstrates sustained excellence in the classroom and has worked creatively to enhance Linfield’s commitment to academic excellence. At Linfield since 2000, Nordstrom embodies the liberal arts. Under her guidance, student participation in undergraduate research, mathematics modeling competitions and attendance at regional and local mathematics conferences has increased. She serves as governor of the Pacific Northwest Section of the Mathematical Association of America and was recently awarded a Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment grant for a project that will include Linfield students mentoring local middle school students.


Political science Professor Nicholas BuccolaBuccola is the recipient of the Samuel H. Graf Faculty Achievement Award, which recognizes a faculty member who has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the college that extends beyond his or her regular duties. Buccola earned an Enduring Questions grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, recognizing the innovative design for his course, What is Freedom? This past year, Buccola has published or had accepted for publication nine separate works, and he currently has two book contracts. He coordinates the successful Frederick Douglass Forum on Law, Rights, and Justice, which has brought a wide range of world-class scholars to Linfield and provided a forum for discussion for faculty, students and the McMinnville community.


Lex RuncimanRunciman is the recipient of the Julie Olds and Thomas Hellie Creative Achievement Award. This award recognizes outstanding creative work that has been recognized by peers and has been slated for dissemination. At Linfield since 1992, Runciman has published four textbooks, two anthologies and five books of poetry. His most recent work, “One Hour That Morning and Other Poems,” was published in 2014 and his work has appeared widely in magazines. He also reviews books in his blog, The Far Corner Reader. Runciman has actively served Linfield and the wider community in many roles, including leading Linfield’s strategic planning effort.



Reshmi Dutt-Ballerstadt, professor of EnglishDutt-Ballerstadt is the recipient of the Marvin and Laurie Henberg International Scholar Award. Her scholarship focuses on the issues of belongingness and otherness presented through poetry, articles or in a full monograph. Her article, “Terror Narratives: Art, Music and the post 9/11 Surveillance Culture,” is forthcoming in a book by Lexington Press, “Masks of Threat.” She is the author of a scholarly monograph, “The Postcolonial Citizen: An Intellectual Migrant” (2010) and has published in various scholarly and creative journals. Her newest project, “The Anxious Canon: 9/11 Literatures,” examines global fiction touching on the events of 9/11.