Linfield alumnus studies the ice of Svalbard, shares love for science

Jared Larson '95Jared Larson ’95 can proudly say he has been within feet of a polar bear, seen a blue whale swim underneath him and studied the land and ice of Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago.

In a recent article by the News-Register, Larson discussed his fellowship with the acclaimed Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program, which gave him a firsthand experience in geographic awareness and ocean stewardship in Svalbard. While staying primarily on the Explorer, a 56-foot research ship, he was able to study changes in the ice and many types of local wildlife.

Larson has been passionate about science since a young age and attended Linfield to continue his scientific exploration. Since then, he has put his passion to good use as a McMinnville High School science teacher. For Larson, science is an important subject that he hopes to instill in his students.

Learn more about Larson’s Svalbard expedition and his passion for teaching science in the News-Register.