Performance art piece “Ground Zero: 2021” commemorates legacy of 9/11

Linfield Theatre returns to live, in-person performances this season, beginning with “Ground Zero: 2021,” an original set of performance art installations, from 1-5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 18 in the Ford Hall courtyard. The event is free and will take approximately 30-45 minutes to visit all the installations. “Ground Zero: 2021” will happen, rain or shine, as the installations are protected from inclement weather. Face coverings are required for all in-person campus events.

Flyer with details from Ground Zero:2021 Theatre production. More information at“Ground Zero: 2021″ reflects on the geopolitical fallout surrounding the events of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Each installation encapsulates on a key theme of 9/11’s rhetoric, subsequent policy and ongoing legacy: “Borders,” “State Secrets,” “Terror” and “Surveillance.” The piece is directed by guest director Justine Nakase from Portland and curated by Linfield students Rachel Goines, Ellie Gossett and David Gray, who also is stage manager for the performance.

“Ground Zero: 2021 is a really interesting project, because it is so collaborative,” Nakase said. “Unlike other performances, we didn’t start with a script. Rather, we started with an event and started to explore its social, political and cultural impacts. We traced the ways in which 9/11 as a historic event set off a long cultural moment, whose ramifications we still feel today. Many of the headline issues that we have seen in the last five years—ICE and kids in cages, officials in unmarked vans snatching protesters off the streets of Portland during the protests—can all be traced back to this specific moment in time.”

Each installation features student performers interacting with mixed media to examine the traumatic and violent aftermath of this seismic event and its connections to our current moment. Cast members include Caroline Calvano, Brielle Kromer, Sydney Monroe, Hadley Nelson, Alexandra Newberger, Kiara Takagi and Robert Turner. Installations were designed by Visiting Assistant Professor Derek Lane and costumes were designed by instructional associate and costume shop manager Laurel Peterson.

Joining the performance will be two students from the Department of Music performing on trumpet – senior Sungmin ‘Daniel’ Park and junior Galen York – with piano accompanist Anne Britt. They will perform original music written specifically to commemorate 9/11: “Hymn to the Lost and Living” by Eric Ewazen and “Sentinels” by Mark Kilstofte.

“Working with the faculty, staff and students at Linfield, we have crafted together these installatins, starting with the design elements. We have brought in performers who are creating a physical score together in rehearsal,” Nakase said. “Every part of this project has really been generated collectively, drawing on everyone’s ideas and creativity.”

Directions: To reach Ford Hall from Hwy. 99W in south McMinnville, turn east on Keck Drive at Albertsons. Take Keck Drive to Lever Street and turn right. Take the next immediate right at Ford Drive into the theatre parking lot. Ford Hall is located at the west end of the parking lot.

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