Grant addresses the economics of March Madness

Professor Randy GrantThe big March Madness winners will be the NCAA and college coaches according to Randy Grant, Linfield College professor of economics, who was interviewed by the International Business Times.

“A lot of the revenue actually goes toward the coaches’ salaries,” Grant says. “That’s the most expensive item in their budgets.” The group most noticeably absent from these benefits? The players.

Read the full story, “March Madness 2015: Getting To The NCAA Finals Costs A Lot, But The Rewards For Most Are Slim.”

Grant is the co-author (with John Leadley and Zenon Zygmont) of “The Economics of Intercollegiate Sports” published by World Scientific. The new edition includes a chapter covering the Penn State, Ohio State and Oregon NCAA violation cases. He was also featured last January in news stories on and Reuters about the college football playoffs.

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