Tara Baker presents “Feminine Archetypes of Musical Drama”

Portrait of Tara BakerLinfield University music major Tara Baker presents her senior capstone project, “Feminine Archetypes of Musical Drama: A Virtual Media Performance and Presentation,” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 21 via Zoom. Registration for the virtual event is required to receive the recital link via email.

Baker’s presentation will feature an analysis of popular feminine roles in the world of opera and musical theatre, ranging from Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” to Pitchford and Gore’s “Carrie: The Musical.”

“Like a composer using sequences and musical tools, women performers are able to take control of these stock characters, oftentimes created by men of the stereotypical or ideological roles of women,” Baker said. “There are many distinct archetypes that can be identified and explored, however, for the purposes of this presentation, I will concentrate on ‘Columbina,’ the ‘Ingenue,’ the ‘Jealous Lover,’ the ‘Femme Fatale’ and the ‘Madwoman.’”

Baker was born in Salem and attended Dayton High School. She is studying music, English literature and secondary education as a triple major at Linfield University.

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