Linfield to require COVID-19 vaccines before fall

student receives COVID-19 vaccine

Linfield University is dedicated to returning, as much as possible, to a fully engaged and active campus community. This includes a return to a pre-pandemic level of in-person learning for the fall 2021 semester. At the same time, Linfield is dedicated to the health and safety of the community. The COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are highly effective at preventing COVID-19 and preventing serious illness even in those who do contract the illness.

In order to create the healthiest face-to-face learning environment possible, Linfield University is requiring that all faculty, staff and students to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Students should be fully vaccinated – that is, two weeks past their final vaccine dose – prior to the start of the academic year or the start of any pre-fall program, including athletics, pre-orientation programs, etc. Faculty and staff should be fully vaccinated no later than two weeks prior to the start of the academic year, August 30, 2021. People who have tested positive for COVID-19 will still be required to show proof of vaccination.

“We have worked diligently this past year to foster a healthy community and Linfield students, faculty and staff were exemplary in following strict policies that kept the community relatively virus-free,” said Susan Hopp, vice president of student affairs and admission. “While we are eager to move forward, we must do so in a way that keeps our community as safe and as healthy as possible.”

The Student Health, Wellness and Counseling Center (SHWCC) continues to offer vaccination clinics on Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the month of May. The clinics are open to students, faculty and staff from the McMinnville and Portland campuses. Those who are vaccinated through the SHWCC will be able to receive a second dose at Physicians Medical Center or through their healthcare provider. Please call the SHWCC (503-883-2535) to make sure there is vaccine available on the day you can attend.

Within the next two weeks, students will receive instructions on how to demonstrate proof of vaccinations. A mechanism for providing vaccination documentation for faculty and staff and a vaccination exemption policy is in the development phase. More information will be shared as soon as possible.

Students may request an exemption based on medical reasons and non-medical (religious) reasons. More information on qualifying for an exemption will be made available in the next 10 days. Students who have not been fully vaccinated, and who have not been granted an exemption, will not be allowed to move on campus or participate in classes, athletics or any other campus function.

Linfield is working with the Oregon College Health Association, the Higher Education Coordinating Commission and the Oregon Health Authority on a collaborative, coordinated approach to developing its formal vaccine policy, which will be communicated via Linfield Ahead and