Board of Trustees November meeting updates

Message sent on behalf of Miles K. Davis, President of Linfield University

Dear Linfield community,

The weight of decision-making leaders must carry is never heavier than during times of great anxiety and uncertainty. This year, above all else, has provided a significant amount of anxiety and uncertainty amid a global pandemic, unprecedented regional wildfires, divisive national elections and our own change from Linfield College to Linfield University. Continue reading

Updates regarding Linfield’s Title IX policies

Linfield University banner on campusWe have updated our Title IX policies to comply with new federal guidelines and to incorporate recommendations made by the President’s Sexual Assault Task Force. The new Title IX policy can be found here.

An important part of this process has been the creation of a Title IX working group consisting of students, faculty members and staff members to gather feedback, ensure our policies are clear and address the most pressing concerns of all university stakeholders. This group met during the summer with an outside consultant who specializes in Title IX and Oregon Sexual Misconduct Law. Continue reading

Board of Trustees update

Dear Linfield community,

We have closely watched the unrest among some students and faculty in recent months over alleged misconduct by members of the Linfield University Board of Trustees. We understand this has caused anxiety within our community and led to division and suspicion during a summer in which we can’t gather easily for discussion.

Given the information that has been circulated to date, students have every right to feel upset. However, we have grave concerns about the amount of misinformation that has been sown throughout the community in recent months. Continue reading

Reconnecting… a virtual thesis and portfolio exhibition

Reconnectin... a virtual thesis and portfolio exhibitionThe Linfield Art Department will present its inaugural online exhibit May 11 through June 22, connecting – or reconnecting – viewers to art intended to make them stop scrolling, if only for a moment.

Reconnecting… emphasizes the need for interaction with each other during a time of change. Continue reading

Oregon Supreme Court Justice Adrienne Nelson to give Linfield commencement address

Justice Adrienne NelsonAdrienne Nelson, the first African-American judge appointed to Oregon’s Supreme Court, will deliver the commencement address to the Linfield College class of 2019. 

Commencement is scheduled for Sunday, May 26, at 10 a.m. on the green between Melrose Hall and the President’s House. Learn more about Commencement weekend. Continue reading

A positively medieval take on gender

Linfield College professor Jamie Friedman studies Medieval gender roles.

Rusty Rae / News-Register

Reprinted with permission of the News-Register. By Tom Henderson, March 14, 2019. 

A teenage girl named May finds herself in an abusive and dysfunctional marriage to a lecherous old lowlife.

She married him because she grew up feeling powerless and isolated. He offered her social standing and financial security. Her vain, lustful and immoral husband instead leaves her even more powerless than before.

Yet in a surprise twist, she … oops. Spoilers. Continue reading