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Libraries' Five Year Strategic Plan

Five Year Strategic Plan for the Linfield libraries (McMinnville campus, Portland campus and DCE) 2006-2011

The library mission:

The Linfield College Library is a teaching library serving Linfield students, faculty, and staff by providing and encouraging access to the intellectual resources necessary for teaching, learning and scholarly achievement in the liberal arts.

The library vision:

We at the Linfield library will work:


To continue to partner with the Linfield faculty in promoting the Linfield vision of learning, life and community.


To actively support Linfield’s vision of sustaining intellectual challenge and curiosity within a curriculum that values both theory and practice.


To support the Linfield curriculum in our teaching, collection, and services.


To explore ways to make information more easily accessible to Linfield students and faculty and in the most cost-efficient manner possible.


To build effective working relationships with Linfield faculty and staff so that the library sustains deep connections with the teaching and learning environment at the college.


To integrate information literacy in a meaningful way into the Linfield curriculum and majors so that our students graduate with the habits of mind for effective engagement in this information-dense world.


To balance collection development between print and electronic resources.


To continue to build on our consortial relationships which maximize access to more resources.


To collaborate more closely with Information Technology Services.


To pursue digital initiatives with the Linfield community and with the Alliance.


To look forward creatively and with agility while intentionally keeping the Linfield students and faculty at the core of our services.


We have organized our five-year plan around: services, collections, staffing and outreach. We will creatively enhance our library as place and work to establish place as library for the Linfield community.

The objectives:


We will continue to partner with faculty to teach library research sessions in the IQS, and key courses in the majors so that Linfield graduates are equipped to think their way through technology and information.


We will create a teaching/learning center at Nicholson Library where faculty work with Nicholson staff on intentional integration of technology and pedagogy.


We will implement an information literacy program for nursing and health sciences students at the Portland Branch campus library.


We will focus more upon the multiple literacies possible within the Linfield curriculum as media, visual, information and technology literacies shape our lives and our students’ lives.


We will explore new ways to better integrate service at our in-house centers (circulation, reference and ems) with more widely accessible virtual environments (such as chat reference or IM).


We will continue to train and work with students so that they can offer assistance to Linfield students, faculty, and staff in their research or technology needs.


We will continue to explore working within a course management system and other online technologies so that Linfield students can interact with librarians effectively in a multiplicity of ways.


We will explore other new ways to connect with current and future students and their many portable devices and different ways of approaching information and gleaning meaning.



We will continue to advocate within the budget and other planning processes at Linfield for the sustenance of our collections, print and electronic, to support the teaching and learning environment.


We will continue to work within consortia to enhance our institutional purchasing power.


We will explore new audio and video collections, such as ArtStor (digital images) or Naxos (streamed music) to support the Linfield curriculum. We will investigate streaming media for reserves and collections.


We will continue to deliver free interlibrary loan books, articles, and other items to supplement our collection.


We will thoughtfully pursue weeding the collection of print books and/or journals when we are certain that the Alliance consortium has archival copies or that other vendors sustain archived copies, like JSTOR. We will do this only as space demands.



We will continue to learn about new products and tools that will enhance the libraries’ services and collections.


We will seek funding for an archivist so that the Linfield archives at Nicholson can offer meaningful, organized, accessible collections for alumni of the three programs (McMinnville, Portland and DCE).


We will continue and improve student worker training and the lead students.


We will continue to embrace the best of tradition and change, to take care of our cultural heritage and look forward to new technologies.


Community Outreach

The Friends of Nicholson Library will continue to collaboratively offer programs with the Linfield English Department and the McMinnville Public Library in order to sustain the library’s position in the community as a learning place.


We will investigate new connections with the local schools both to offer research opportunities for their students and to promote college education in their futures.


Portland Campus Branch Library Distinct Goals:

We will renovate the library.


We will circulate laptops and create a wireless environment.


We will build an in-house training room.


We will create a library that is a central meeting place for students.


To sum up:

The Linfield libraries will continue:


To be the portal of information for the Linfield community


To be the learning commons for Linfield students and faculty


To curate collections both print and digital


To co-create and co-manage with ITS any institutional digital repository


To collaborate with students, faculty and staff to create a culture of inquiry and imagination at Linfield.