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Gender Studies

  • Encyclopedia of Gender and Society Gale
    Covers the major theories, research, people, and issues in contemporary gender studies. Offers a cross-national/cross-cultural perspective that provides comparative analyses of the life experiences of men and women around the world. (2009)
  • Encyclopedia of Gender in Media Gale
    Examines the role of the media in enabling, facilitating, or challenging the social construction of gender in our society. (2012)
  • Gender: Sources, Perspectives, and Methodologies Gale
    Serves as a primer to the study of gender, including women's, queer, and men's studies. By employing literature, film, art, history, and other disciplines, it identifies areas of critical thought and practice in gender and sexuality studies, provides an overview of central themes, current topics, and seminal debates, and offers resources for further research. (2016)
  • International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family Gale
    Includes articles specific to countries and to religious traditions, examining the history of family life within these cultures and discussing how families have been affected by political and social change. (2003)
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History Oxford
    With over 650 biographies of influential women and over 600 topical articles covering topics such as geography and history, culture and society, organizations, movements, and gender studies. (2008)
  • Prostitution and Sex Work Gale
    Provides an overview of prostitution and sex work in the United States, from the Colonial era to today, examining the issue as it affects men, women, and transgender individuals of all races and classes. (2011)

Related Resources

  • American Women of Science since 1900 Gale
    Covers American women scientists across the sciences throughout the 20th century, providing historical context for understanding their achievements and the way they changed the practice of science. (2011)

  • Countries, Cultures, & Diversity
    Encyclopedias and reference on topics with related issues

  • Gale eBooks Gale
    All Gale encyclopedia and reference resources in one search.

  • Gender and Food: From Production to Consumption and After Gale
    Explores the complex relationships between gender and food in a variety of locations and time periods using a range of research methods. Gender inequality as it affects the struggle for access to land, the affordability of food, and its nutritional value is identified as a major social policy issue. (2016)

  • Goddesses in World Culture ABC-Clio
    From classical Greek heroines to female archetypes in today's video games, from Native American divinities to Asian goddesses immortalized through landscape references, goddesses and their stories inform our history and fill our folklore. (2010)

  • Opposing Viewpoints Gale
    Features viewpoints, topic overviews, full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, statistics, images, videos, audio files, and links to vetted websites. (Updated regularly)

  • Research Databases for Sociology and Anthropology
    Find articles from academic journals and more

  • Sage Encyclopedia of Psychology and Gender Gale
    Looks at issues of gender, identity, and psychological processes at the individual as well as the societal level, exploring topics such as how gender intersects with developmental processes both in infancy and childhood as well as throughout later life stages; the evolution of feminism and the men's movement; the ways in which gender can affect psychological outcomes and influence behavior; and more. (2017)

  • Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research Ethics Gale
    In-depth review of the distinctive set of ethical considerations which accompany qualitative research. (2018)

  • Women in the American Political System: An Encyclopedia of Women as Voters, Candidates, and Office Holders Gale
    Examines how women candidates, voters, and office holders shape U.S. political processes and institutions, lending their perspectives to gradually evolve American life and values. Essays in this encyclopedic sourcebook on the evolution of women's involvement in American politics examine the rising prominence of women as voters, candidates, public officials, and lawmakers, and how political processes and institutions are shaped by women and their perspectives. (2019)