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Already know what it is and have an account? Click log in to open WebEx in a new window.


How to create an account
  1. Go to this request an account link
    • Accounts must use a Linfield e-mail address
  2. Click on the Sign In button
  3. Click on Sign Up under “I Do Not Have An Account”
  4. Enter the information in the required fields,
    1. select Meeting Center
    2. Click on Sign Up Now.
  5. A follow-up email should arrive within one business day to confirm registration and have you set up your password.


What is it

WebEx is a video conferencing tool available to all faculty and staff. It works like Skype and Google Hangouts in that you can meet with multiple people by voice, text and or video. With Webex you can meet with individuals or large groups.


Why would you use it

Webex is ideal for meetings with people who cannot be in the same location. Participants in a webex meeting do not need an account, making it easy for attendees to participate.


Suggested Scenarios:

  • Admission Office invites prospective students to meet with Admission Recruiters.
  • A professor invites experts to visit the class from a distance.
  • A faculty or staff member sets up a meeting with colleagues at other institutions.
  • A faculty member can hold remote office hours.
  • A meeting or lecture is held on campus. Participants who cannot be in the room are invited to join remotely.
  • A faculty member or trainer holds a webinar.

WebEx capabilities:

  • Schedule a meeting and send the link to those you wish to invite.
  • Create your own “room” with a persistent link for regular meetings.
  • Record your session and make recording available to participants or others.
  • Share your screen with meeting attendees.
  • Text to the host or to the group during meeting.
  • Send links to the group via text message.
  • Participants do not need a Webex account.
  • Webex meetings occur inside your browser. (A quick browser plugin install is needed the first time anyone attends a webex meeting).
  • Use a whiteboard for collaborative brainstorming
How to Work with Meetings in WebEx
  • Once you have your account, practice running a meeting with a colleague to get familiar with the interface.
  • Start the meeting 5-10 minutes early so everyone has the opportunity to troubleshoot any audio or video issues, or to get comfortable.
  • Send yourself a copy of the invite so you can forward it to people if more need to attend, or lost the invite.
  • Turn off screen sharing ability for all (in the “participants” menu, near “File” and “Edit”) when in a meeting
    • It works better to change someone’s role to presenter
  • If you are having audio issues by connecting with a computer, connecting with a phone is a great backup for the audio.  You can still get the video through the computer. 
  • If there are bandwidth issue for the connection, the video will experience issues before the audio.  If you don't need to be on camera, it can be beneficial to mute your camera video.