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What is it

Poll Everywhere is a student response system that allows for multiple types of responses sent over the internet or by cell phone.  Response types include: multiple choice, true/false, hot spot, vote up questions, multiple choice with pictures, word cloud creation, among others.  


Why use it

Poll Everywhere is great for involving students in different interactions in classes.  Questions can be set to anonymous, allowing for some students to ask questions they might be too shy to ask, or to create dialog about a sensitive subject. Poll Everywhere also has blackboard integration to allow grading of questions.



Getting Started with Poll Everywhere  (Official page)   Webinar Powerpoint

Competitions (Video)

Student Guide

Using Poll Everywhere with Powerpoint (Mac | Win)

Using Poll Everywhere with Keynote & Google Slides

Converting TurningPoint & PowerPoint slides into Poll Everywhere Slides

Using the Blackboard integration - enrolling students and gradebook

Embedding a Poll in your Blackboard course

Poll Everywhere's Getting Started - includes a weekly webinar