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Wireless TVs

Study Rooms 136 and 137 as well as the Library Conference Room (178) are set up to have the Circulation Laptops connect wirelessly to the HDTVs in the rooms. Students are also welcome to connect their own laptops using a VGA cable to these TVs. Mac adaptors are available for checkout at the EMS desk.


If you have questions,  please contact Educational Media Services or email ems@linfield.edu.

Reserving the Media Classroom

The media classroom (a.k.a. large viewing room) is available for use by faculty to show films to their classes with a reservation. If you would like to schedule the room please email ems@linfield.edu with the date, start time, end time, and class you would like to use the room for. The room is popular, so booking as far in advance as you can is advised.

Students need to check with a staff member before using the room.

Media Classroom Viewing Policy

When showing movies, if you want to show a film or television show (documentary or entertainment), you need to meet one of the criteria for legal showings:
1) Private in-home viewings (applies to your home only, not library)
2) Viewing in class a film that is specific to the class topic (must be a class that is listed in the course catalogue of the college and the professor must be present)
3) Secure public viewing rights for a fee (which is what the college does for Saturday night films in Ice Auditorium)
Note- if the event is advertised (via flyers, email, phone recordings, etc.) in any way beyond the class, anyone (including professors) must secure copyright permissions before the film can be shown.
For more information on copyright issues, please visit: 
Linfield College Copyright policies
For other questions, including help on securing copyright permissions, please contact Educational Media Services or email ems@linfield.edu.

Small Viewing Rooms

Students and faculty are welcome to use any of the three small viewing rooms, located behind the EMS Media Lab. Each room comes with everything needed to watch DVD, VHS, and BluRay, as well as, a board, chairs, and a table. There is no reserve policy for these rooms; it's first come, first served.

Placing items on course reserve

Skype Recommendations

The Educational Media Services team of Nicholson Library spends quite a bit of time and energy supporting meetings conducted via Skype.

We have come up with some recommendations for the optimal use of Skype. As reminder, please note that Skype is free software and therefore support is limited. Linfield cannot guarantee reliable connections.

Here are some tips that should help to provide the best possible Skype experience:

1) Always use wired internet for all parties connecting.

2) Always use desktop or laptop computers.

3) Try to limit your video connections to 2 parties; 3 parties will often work, but adding that 3rd connection increases the chance of instability in all of the connections.

4) If you have more than 2 parties connecting, try to have the most important connections with video and then have observing parties leave their camera off. Adding additional cameras to the call increases instability.

5) Portable devices (tablets, phones) usually work with 1 or 2 connections, but the video will drop if adding a portable device to a 3-way connection.