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Working with Personal Response System (Clickers)

Linfield College - Mac campus has several sets of Turning Technologies personal response systems (clickers) that can be checked out to faculty via EMS. To get started:

1. Set up an appointment to learn how to use these systems.  Contact ems@linfield.edu.

2. Check out a set of clickers from EMS.

3. Install TurningPoint Anywhere software on your Mac or PC laptop, or if you plan to use a classroom computer, you should be able to find it already installed. Look for the icon that has a large black A on a yellow background.

4. Once in the classroom, plug the receiver that came with the set of clickers into a USB port on either your laptop or your classroom computer.

5. Hand out clickers to students. In Mac, you may have to select "Showbar" from the "Windows" menu at the top of your screen. Be sure to select "File" > "Reset Session" before each class to be sure you have a fresh session. Now you can begin polling your students. You can use TurningPoint Anywhere on top of any other application, including PowerPoint. When you are done with your class, be sure to save your Session.


If you want to take roll, create a pre-defined set of participants and/or questions, and track how students performed using Reports, you can do so.

Taking Roll and Participation Lists

There are several ways to take roll. You can use Tools > Real-Time Registration with an existing Participant list to automatically link student clickers to your class roster, 10 students at a time. Note that this method is recommended for classes under 50.

For classes over 50, we recommend you create a Participant list and assign students a clicker to use in each class session - we have added labels with short numbers to ease this method. You can begin your class session by simply asking any question that requires a clicker response, and each student will show he/she is present simply by registering a response.

Question Lists

You can use PowerPoint or any other application to build a list of questions to step through for your class, or you can simply ask questions on the fly and poll results. If you choose to create a Question list in TurningPoint Anywhere, you can save your questions and reuse them again and again.


Click on "Window" > "Reports" to access a variety of reports for each saved class session; very useful for formative and summative assessment data. Note you can choose from a variety of report styles, including individual, summary, and the useful "Results by question with screenshots". The latter method means you may ask questions on the fly on any screen, and when reviewing reports later, see an image of whatever you were displaying during that time.