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Linfield College Archives in the News

  • January 2019: It all started in 1858
    On Linfield's 161st birthday, a look back at some notable events. (Medium)
  • April 2018: Ghosts of the Past
    The role of archives as institutions examine their own past. (Linfield Magazine)
  • March 2018: Twenty Years Young
    A story about our project for Brooks Winery's 20th anniversary. (Oregon Wine Press)
  • March 2018: Remembering Liz
    An obituary for Liz Chambers, featuring her words from our interview with her. (Oregon Wine Press)
  • June 2017: Social Media a Must
    Archives staff write about the new online presence of Oregon wine. (Oregon Wine Press)
  • September 2015: The Game Changer
    A look back at the Burgundy Challenge, 30 years later. (Oregon Wine Press)
  • March 2015: Archiving Oregon
    Linfield archives staff write about Elkton winemaker John Bradley and the OWHA collections. (Oregon Wine Press)
  • February 2015: A grape idea
    Archivists Rachael Woody (Linfield) and Melissa Salrin (Whitman) discuss their joint project to document the Walla Walla wine industry. (Easy Access)
  • April 2014: John Bradley obituary
    An OWHA interview done with winemaker John Bradley is used as part of a story on his life. (Great Northwest Wine)
  • November 2013: The observatory
    Archives material contributes to a look at Linfield's second-oldest buidling. (Linfield Review)
  • October 2013: The story is in the bottle
    Archives staff reflect on the use of a grant to preserve Oregon wine history. (Oregon Cultural Trust annual report)
  • Jan. 2013: On exhibit
    A photo from the Good Samaritan School of Nursing is part of an exhibit. (Statesman Journal)
  • Oct. 2012: A toast of two cities 
    Highlights McMinnville as a "top wine-country town" and mentions OWHA in a sidebar. (Portland Monthly)
  • Sept. 2011: The Pinot Chronicles
    Video produced by Linfield professor Michael Huntsberger and students Nic Miles and Paloma Dale. (IPNC)