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Linfield College Center for the Northwest

Linfield Center for the Northwest


The LCN is a center created in 2010 at Linfield College which connects undergraduates students to the Pacific Northwest through Internship, Service-Learning, and Collaborative research, on issues central to the region.


The Linfield Center for the Northwest (LCN) enhances undergraduate education through the active cultivation of a collaborative and experiential learning community. The Center facilitates regionally-based internships, community service and service learning opportunities.  Regionally relevant partnerships yield rich opportunities for training, research, service learning, and cultural/artistic exchanges that promote undergraduate learning, student engagement, and produce real-world change. 


  • Establish long-term experiential learning practices with students which focus on local, regional and global intersections with the Pacific Northwest.
  • To foster regionally-based internships: First Federal Internships and Kemper Internships. Jeff Peterson in a meeting 
  • To facilitate regionally-oriented community service and service learning opportunities. 
  • To promote field experiences and collaborative research projects that are oriented toward issues in the Pacific Northwest or that have regional implications and/or applications. 
  • To invite visiting scholars who have regional research interests or who share research concerns that have implications for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

*The creation of the Linfield Center for the Northwest, and specifically its research program, was made possible by a generous grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation in Los Angeles. Myron Keck, founder of The Superior Oil Company, established the foundation in 1954, which is now one of the nation's largest philanthropic organizations, with assets exceeding $1 billion.