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Pioneer Hall

Additional Resources

  • Baptist Peace Fellowship - The purpose of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America is to unite and enable Christians to make peace with justice in a warring world
  • Beliefnet - Is an independent, non-affiliated, multi-faith e-community that strives to provide information, inspiration and interaction between belief groups.
  • Chabad
  • Interfaith Calendar - Is just what the title implies, a calendar that notes holy days for most of the major religious traditions. It also provides a dictionary of terms and an explanation of some holy days and their origin.
  • Jewish Peace Fellowship - A peace fellowship that the Jewish tradition is ?a continual calling toward peace, justice and compassion, a tradition whose goal is to bring all people to the consciousness that peace and not war is where we should direct our vision, energy and lives.
  • MethodX - MethodX (the way of Christ) is an online Christian community where young adults (college to 30s) can identify and explore their relationships with God and with others.
  • Muslim Peace Fellowship - "To work against injustice and for peace in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. *To encourage a greater commitment to peace on behalf of all Muslims. *To explore and deepen our understanding of Islamic teachings about peace and nonviolence. *To expose the falsehood of the popular stereotype that Islam is a religion that teaches terrorism and violence. *To reach out to people of other religious traditions in an effort to create mutual understanding, tolerance, and respect..."
  • Sojourners - is a Christian ministry whose mission is to proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice.