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Developing academic skills is an ongoing process that can be consistently improved upon. By visiting this page, it is clear that you are interested in becoming a better student, and LSS is here to support you on that goal. While this page can provide a helpful overview, meeting with LSS to discuss strategies that are specific to you can be most beneficial. Come see us in Melrose 020 today!  

General Study Strategies

Staff members at LSS are available to review your study strategies as well discuss how to most effectively use professor office hours, study groups, and tutoring


Tutors are available to students as a system to help apply a deeper understanding of class material, practice new knowledge, try out a new study technique, or just have a knowledgeable person to talk to about class. Tutoring is arranged on an as needed basis and is available to students for two hours per week per class. Students can utilize tutoring for multiple classes as needed. Please come by Melrose 020 today to learn more about tutoring resources.

Tutoring - By Department

In addition to individual and group tutoring resources coordinated through LSS, many departments offer tutoring support. LSS keeps an updated Department Tutoring hours list online for review. 

Academic resources such as the Writing Center are also available to support students.

Time Management

Often a good first step for developing time management strategies is to get a better understanding of how your time is currently being used. Keeping a time log is the preferred way of getting at this awareness.

Once people are more aware of how they use time, they can make changes that fit in better with the goals they have set. Sometimes, people find out that they are already using their time effectively, but often times there are modifications and strategies that can be implemented. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to manage time, you may wish to view our Power Point on Time Management.  Also, if you wish to work with our staff on developing better time management skills contact LSS (Melrose Hall 020) 503-883-2562 to make an appointment.


There are several methods for taking notes. Most of them are variations of where you place information on a page. For example, the Cornell Method divides the page into two columns; the left column is for key words or questions, and the right column is for details.

Mind mapping is another type of note-taking. You begin with the main idea or central theme extending your thoughts out to the lesser important details, linking ideas as they relate to one another.

No matter which method you use, linking the ideas together is the key.  Creating notes that work for you is important.  Knowing and understanding how you learn is an important piece in deciding which note taking method to use.

For more about information about note-taking methods visit our Note-taking Link.  If you want to develop better note-taking skills and wish to work with our staff, contact LSS (Melrose Hall 020) 503-883-2562 to make an appointment.