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Learning Support Services Overview of Services

Overview of Services 

Individual Appointments

Students can meet one-on-one with the Learning Support Services staff throughout the semester.  These meetings can serve as a way for students to stay grounded while away at college, or work on study strategies, time management, organization, and / or other needs the student may have

Tutoring Services through Learning Support Services (LSS)

The tutoring program is available to students as a system to help apply a deeper understanding of class material, practice new knowledge, try out a new study technique, or just have a knowledgeable person to talk to about class.  Tutoring is arranged on an "as needed" basis and can be requested for two hours or more per week if necessary.  More than one tutor may be provided if there is a need in more than one subject area.  On the McMinnville Campus we offer two different kinds of tutoring services-Individual or Course Tutoring Sessions. These offerings support the academic needs of students who function best in an intimate learning environment.

Course Tutoring Sessions

Course tutoring sessions are course specific, content driven, and available on a drop-in basis.  The goal of these sessions is to help students develop study strategies, and provide a platform for additional classroom support.

Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors are a personal campus resource they  help students navigate the academic environment. 

Additional Offering

  • Study Skills Workshops that cover such topics as study strategies, time management, note taking, reading, test taking, and time management. (Contact Learning Support Services for more information.)