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Learning Support Services Disability Documentation Guidelines

Mental Health Disorders

A mental health disorders can manifest itself in a variety of ways among individuals.  The condition can also present a wide array of symptoms and functional limitations to any given individual over a lifetime.  Testing is not required for a diagnosis of a mental health disorder.  However, test results can be helpful as supporting documentation for accommodation requests.  
Documentation should be on letterhead, typed, dated, signed and otherwise legible, and include verification of diagnosis and discussion of the severity of a disabling condition, and must be provided by qualified treating professional (licensed psychologist or psychiatrist).  The documentation must include a detailed description of how this impairment significantly limits a major life activity in an educational setting, and be current (within the past year).    
This documentation should include

  • A clear statement of the DSM-5 diagnosis, including pertinent symptomatology and any fluctuations in the individual's condition
  • A description of the current functional limitation(s) within an educational setting, and the severity and longevity of the condition (temporary/ongoing)
  • A description of the effectiveness of current treatment,
  • Recommendations for additional treatment/assistance; information on how best to accommodate the student within an educational or residential setting.